A real time voice changing AI technology
called “Rea-Change Voice” has been deployed.
The users’ voice is analyzed in an instant,
and synthesized into the pre-programmed
(of your choice) voice of another.

At a concert venue, you can pre-program the artists voice,
in your office, you can pre-program the booming voice of the boss…Utilize in any which way, depending on the situation.

*Rea-Change Voice is a technology developed by Crimson Technology Inc, it enables instantaneous matching between two voices through real-time analysis and statistical voice quality recognition.


Hiroaki Hirata

Major Works
One Piece, Space Brothers,
Tiger & Bunny, Jack Sparrow
(Pirates of the Caribbean, Japanese dub version)

Kotori Koiwai

Major Works
Non-non days, Ai-katsu,
Chain Chronicle,
The White Cat Project etc…

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